Finca in Galdar with fantastic views at the Mt. Teide

Finca in Galdar with fantastic views at the Mt. Teide;

This is a typical spanish style finca with 2 bedrooms , 1 bathroom and large terraces.
The house itself is about 200 years old and was originally a windmill . It was rebuilt as a house in the early 1980’s.
It stands on a plot of approximately 1000 sq m of land with many different types of fruit trees growing such as apples,oranges,pears,peaches, almonds and vines to name but a few.
The house has a supply of natural spring water from a local spring and the orchards are watered by an automatic watering system .The house has amazing views of the surrounding mountains and even of mt. Teide on the island of Tenerife .


Taxes and legal fees are not included in this price. One should budget for between 10-12% extra costs when buying a property here in the Canary Islands.

These extra costs are as follows:

-6.5% purchase tax on a used property or 8% tax on a brand new property

-Notary costs

-Land Registry costs

-Lawyers legal fees – stipulated by lawyers association

In certain cases ,especially if you are getting a mortgage here in Spain, there may be additional costs such as translation fees and property valuation fees.

We can prepare a detailed estimate for you upon request.


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